The Celtics are comprised of men from every walk of life, including college students, businessmen, teachers, clergy, doctors, military vets, factory workers, steel men, firefighters, and local miscreants with great variations in age, experience and athletic ability. We are always looking for new players and welcome new participants year round. Whether you’re a grizzled, battle scarred veteran or a newcomer that has never played a minute, the Celtics welcome you to come to practice, get a solid workout and enjoy the greatest team sport on the planet.



Toledo Celtics Winter Banquet

When: Sat Jan 22, 2022 AT 5 PM
Where: Maumee River Yacht Club
           2735 Broadway St, Toledo

RSVP: On Facebook or

Please prepay $50/person

                 with PayPal
                 or with Venmo @Toledo-Celtics

Time to come together and celebrate another year of comradery, sportsmanship, and shenanigans as a club. We are hosting an annual winter banquet from here on out to come together in the off season, and celebrate the years accomplishments and each other as a family.

The details of the event will come in the weeks ahead. But for an idea of what we hope to have instore will be cocktails, dinner, slideshow, hall of fame inductees, speeches, music, well awful speeches most likely and awards for only the most grimy, dirty, douch-i-est douchbags of us all, and how knows what else.
We want to have a good showing, the dinner will be priced per person, and that will be ironed out in the near future. This is going to be a fun night, lets put on something respectable, lets show our ladies (or fellas, hey whatever you’re into is cool with us) that we can still wine and dine like a bunch of dandy’s.

This event is not just for current active players but for all who are apart of the club, past and present.

Be on the lookout for details to develop in the next month and closer to the event.

For questions reach out to Bernie or Randal-God-Damn-I’m-Too-Sexy-For-My-Shirt-Bollin





About Us

The Toledo Celtics RFC was founded in 1974 originally as a collegiate men’s club at the University of Toledo. After aging out of college eligibility Mike Fosnaugh, Bill Bingle and a select group of ruffians transitioned the club to a men’s team, competing in the Midwest Rugby Union. Known for their blue-collared physicality, the club competed throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s with many victories and much success. The Celtics entered the 21st century with the same game plan and some newer faces to carry on the traditions of its founders.

The Club has grown in recent years and now includes the Toledo Celtics Rugby Club Inc foundation; a 501c3(tax exempt) charitable non-profit organization designed to promote and fund the growth of rugby in NW Ohio. The organization sponsors youth rugby clinics, hosts tournaments and helps organize local coaches and referees as well to bring the sport of rugby to people of all walks of life within our region.

The Celtics currently compete in the Midwest Union’s Division 3 Eastern Conference and have many recent successes, including a Midwest Championship and National semifinal appearance in 2006, and a Midwest Championship appearance in 2017.

The club now claims participants from northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan and has local affiliations with sponsored high school clubs at Anthony Wayne (boys and girls), Perrysburg ( Boys and Girls), and the City of Toledo Jr Celtics. The Celtics strive to promote our players’ talent with successes at every level including Rich Schurfeld and Demecus Beach to the US National Team. Several players have earned full rugby scholarships to play in college as well.