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What we are: The Toledo Celtics Rugby Club Inc Foundation is a non-profit charity registered with the State of Ohio and is a tax-exempt organization with an IRS 501c3 standing.

What we do: The Foundation exists to promote the sport of rugby in Northwest Ohio and South-East Michigan. Hosting youth skills camps, organizing men and women’s senior level clubs, and promoting the local area youth teams allows the foundation to serve people from all walks of life throughout the region. The foundation strives to grow the sport of Rugby Union in all levels of competition and age groups.

How we do it: The foundation relies on funding from corporate sponsorships as well as individual gifts as a primary source of funding. Our 501c3 status allows for itemized tax deductions to be donated to the organization for a tax credit. Members of the associated clubs continue to raise money for the foundation as well through a variety of ways including refereeing local matches, hosting fundraising events, and promoting the foundation’s mission to local municipalities and schools.


The Foundation’s annual budget sets the following goals:

· Rent, maintain and update the current home pitch- Sterling Park

· Pay the registration/and membership fees to USARUGBY, the national governing body of Rugby in the US.

· Fund a capital campaign to acquire land to establish a permanent home for the organization. A 5 year $50,000 goal has been set.

· Furnish the clubs with uniforms and equipment

· Finance annual youth camps and tournaments

· Train and utilize local referees and coaches

Donations to the foundation can be made in different ways

· Through Itemized tax deduction

· One off gift to the foundation through paypal or credit card by simply hitting the link below


· One of three levels of corporate sponsorship:

1. Gold Level- $10,000 ( Corporate logo prominently displayed on website with direct link to business. Logo prominently displayed on D3 Match Jerseys. Two actual match jerseys).

2. Green Level- $5000 (Large space for corporate logo on Scoreboard. Listed as sponsor on foundation website. Logo displayed on team tshirts.

3. Black Level- $1000 (Small space for corporate logo on scoreboard. Listed as sponsor on foundation website).



All donations to the foundation are tax deductible.

Please contact Jeremy Mantei at for further information and other methods for donation.

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