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Celebrating 50 years

Of Celtics Rugby in Toledo

Friday through Sunday June 21-23 2024

Toast to 50 Years of Grit, Glory, and Good Banter: You're Invited

Calling all Ole Boys Curmudgeons, Sideline Hecklers, and fans – join us as we celebrate our enduring legacy.  Let's toast to the memories made and the friendships forged. All are welcome to this historic gathering – come share in the joy and relive the glory!

The Toledo Celtics Rugby Club was founded in 1974 with the efforts of Bill Bengle and Mike Fosnaugh wrangling a host of men from all over Toledo into a cohesive lot of ruffians, athletes, ner do wells and miscreants. This Spring, The club celebrates 50 years of competing in the founding traditions of those men. Physicality, Comradery, bone crushing elegance, and blue collar charm have become the hallmarks of the clubs performance on and off the pitch.

Celtics 1976 Cover Photo.png

If you have laced up the boots and donned the green shirt with us during the last 50 years you understand the sacrifice, the joy, the friendship and the competitive passion we mutually experienced. We encourage your attendance in the upcoming celebration of North West Ohio’s premier Club. Come relive the best of times with the best of friends as we honor the greatest team sport in the world and recognize men that have contributed to the tradition of the Toledo Celtics Rugby Club.

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The weekend of June 21-23 2024 we will be hosting matches for all age groups and celebrating the sport before and after kickoff.  A 50th anniversary party will take place Saturday evening, attended by members of five decades of Celtic Rugby.  We want to see you there.

Bring a friend
All are Welcome


Open Call Matches



Ole Boys Curmudgeons/Saggy Balls

Halftime Boat race


Friday Night Drink Up


Post Match Afterparty at Bronze Boar with Detroit RFC


50th Anniversary Party at Mad Ave Building Downtown- Hosted by the Toledo Celtics Rugby Club


Sunday Morning Brunch at time and place TBD



Please find links below for 50th anniversary jerseys, bio sheet and itinerary for the weekend. 

50th Anniversary Jersey
Bio Sheet and Itinerary
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